This project is a collaboration of two firms from opposite sides of the country, that came together a few years ago in the middle. Calgary to be exact. Westbank and Allied first came together to develop Telus Sky in Calgary, which will be completed in 2019. Designed by frequent Westbank collaborator BIG, this project will be a game-changer in the city of Calgary and features a massively ambitious public art installation by author and artist, Doug Coupland.

Since this first project, our relationship has only grown stronger. We continued from Calgary to Toronto, first with 19 Duncan, then King Street, another BIG designed project, before returning to the west coast to work together once again, at Deloitte Summit.

Our collaboration with our anchor tenant Deloitte and our partner Allied has focused on creating an impactful, innovative and differentiated experience in the city through their new Vancouver Headquarters.

Obviously, shared values are at the core of such a successful collaboration, but both firms bring unique and complementing strengths. There will be more projects to come, each having in common a determination to make an impact that matters and for or the creation of beauty in its broadest sense. Our cities are our future and we are committed to making them beautiful, more equitable, sustainable and prosperous. We invite you to join us in this cause and watch us do some incredibly great work together.


Allied operates first and foremost on the principle that real estate is a profoundly human business. Our properties are run by people for people, and we’ve built our portfolio to better serve the people who use our buildings. In 2003, we went public for the express purpose of consolidating high-quality workspace, enabling us to become a leading owner, manager and developer of urban office properties in Canada. Our commitment to distinctive urban workspace is founded on a clear value proposition: well-designed, centrally located, distinctive and cost-effective workspace that adds value, socially, culturally and economically, for our users and for the communities and the cities in which our buildings operate. We believe that each building represents an investment in the community and recognize that the strength of a neighbourhood, as well as the performance of buildings within it, are inextricably linked. Allied is also a product of its history and its business environment. Increasingly, the single most important element of our business environment is urban intensification. Canadians are living and working downtown in greater numbers than ever before. The future of Allied is in the future of urban workspace. It involves the continued consolidation and mixed-use intensification of distinctive urban office properties, sensitivity to design and collaboration, each of which are integral to our success and also add value – economically, socially and culturally. We are committed to creating urban office environments that enrich experience and support the success of our tenants, while contributing vitality to the urban fabric of our cities.


Westbank is a practice dedicated to the creation of beauty, in all forms and in its broadest definition. The category of a developer is too narrow to contain the ambitions of our practice. We are not motivated by conventions, our values are different: We invite collaborations with cultural pioneers, showcasing their work and allowing it to inform and influence our projects. We strive to develop relationships with creatives so that we function as patrons of their art, rather than as consumers of artistic services. We embrace our eclectic nature, broadening our interests and actively seeking willing collaborators in art, culture, music, fashion, technology, sustainability, and architecture, while taking on projects at every scale, from the micro to the macro level. We are and have always been a practice seeking to make meaningful contributions to the cities in which we work and we see the creation of beauty as the means to this end. Through these and other endeavors, we have come to realize that too often, beauty is mistaken as a luxury, an option or an accessory, when we have never seen it as anything less than essential. Recognizing this, we have taken it upon ourselves to fight for it; to create it, to foster it and to celebrate it. In committing our efforts fully to this end, our practice has evolved further, to become a culture company.