Creative Energy

Creative Energy is a Vancouver-based company that develops district energy systems, using both new and existing infrastructure. Creative Energy owns and operates one of the largest existing district energy networks in canada. Providing thermal energy to over 215 buildings through an underground pipe network, customers include retail and office buildings, stadiums, community and government facilities, a major hospital, and residential towers. This diverse mix of users is unique, and has given Creative Energy considerable insight into serving different types of buildings and building owners.

In addition to the existing downtown infrastructure, Creative Energy is expanding across Vancouver into areas such as Mount Pleasant, South Cambie, and Kensington-Cedar Cottage, to create neighbourhood energy system nodes that meet various objectives — including increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.

Creative Energy employs a mobile service team for maintenance, ensuring the same high level of service is provided across all systems. Pro-actively maintaining these systems has resulted in a 99.9% reliability rate for the last 40+ years and operational synergies with Creative Energy’s other systems create staffing and maintenance efficiencies. The company employs standardized central plant equipment, sophisticated automated control systems and continuous remote monitoring and alarming.

District Energy is the most effective and lowest cost option in high-density areas of mixed-use development. Due to efficiencies in operations and economies of scale in energy sourcing, both the developers and end-users see cost-savings with a district energy system. District Energy systems, if designed and operated well, also offer substantially improved reliability over typical energy solutions. Instead of individual heating and cooling tower plants distributed throughout multiple buildings, infrastructure can be centralized into one location, reducing mechanical room requirements in individual buildings.

Creative Energy believes in finding creative approaches to sharing energy — one neighbourhood at a time. While their home energy network is in Vancouver, they are actively seeking new opportunities for creating neighbourhood energy systems across Canada.