When we acquired the site at 410 West Georgia, we saw a clear opportunity to reinforce the monumental significance of Georgia Street, with a project that will form a landmark at the eastern gateway into downtown. The way we build workspaces today should in no way resemble how workspaces were built 20 years ago. The world has changed dramatically and yet the mechanisms determining the way we build out our cities have not kept pace. With this project we are attempting to challenge all of the impediments to the creation of flexible, creative workspace and produce something that responds in much shorter time, to meet the needs of the creative economy. The design for Deloitte Summit is a direct manifestation of our city throughout its evolution, taking inspiration from its urban setting, past, present and future, while remaining deeply influenced by the city’s natural surroundings. This project represents our latest effort in our ongoing fight for beauty. We hope the project is seen in this context and that on completion it will form a new, beautiful contribution to our city.

Ian Gillespie, 2019